Army Records Detail Devin Rogers’ Military Service

Thursday, November 13th 2014, 7:26 pm
By: News 9

We continue to learn more about Norman standoff suspect, Devin Rogers, and his military service. Rogers told several people he was a decorated veteran and on Thursday night, News 9 has learned just how decorated he was.

Devin Rogers is seemingly a complete mystery to Oklahoma and even his former roommate, who told News 9 that Rogers was kind and courteous on the surface, but there was much more underneath.

"There's a lot of hurt behind that man's eyes," said Rogers' former roommate, Lo Kauakahi.

Rogers left California over a month ago telling Kauakahi he just wanted to go where his two feet took him. And that was right to Norman.

Over the four hours he held Jennifer Shokat hostage, Rogers spoke of his military service, which we have confirmed through records provided by the Army. Rogers served from 2003 to 2012. He was deployed twice, once to Iraq and once to Afghanistan. He also received 16 awards throughout his time of service.

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Rogers also told his roommate he was a prisoner of war, but family members dispute that claim.

News 9 took the claim to the Department of Defense and the Army, but neither could confirm Rogers was ever a POW. However, all friends, family and even his hostage agree they want Rogers to get the help he needs.

"I don't think he's a bad guy. I think he's a broken one," said Shokat.

"Everybody just wants him to get some help. He's got a whole bunch of friends and family out here that we support him. We all love him," said Kauakahi.

As for Roger's attorneys, who say they've never seen anything like this case, they are now faced with the task of defending a man who allegedly held two people at gunpoint, all because he just wanted to go to jail.

"In the long run are we any safer by just taking the easy way and incarcerating people and forgetting about them or do we find the root of the problem and do the humane thing?" said one of Rogers' attorneys, David Smith.

Rogers' attorneys are working pro-bono. They also mentioned they have to ask themselves, ‘What do you do for someone who just wants to give up?'