Arrest Made In Logan County Theft Ring

Tuesday, November 25th 2014, 6:42 pm
By: News 9

Logan County authorities said it was the largest amount of stolen property they'd ever come across. After nearly a month of chasing Allen Hand, authorities said their thief is behind bars.

Hand faces 21 total charges, ranging from 15 counts of stolen property to drug and gun charges.

What started off as a traffic stop last month led investigators to find the jackpot of stolen property, worth around $200,000.

They found a car, trailers, tractors, welders, guns, drugs, cash, and more.

“We can see rashes of stolen cars or stolen trailers or stolen gun, a lot of electronics, but to see the variety of things that are combined in one spot as well as the very large amount of drugs and money and things of that nature. This is a stolen property operation probably been going on for a long time,” said Chief Deputy Richard Stephens, Logan County Sheriff's Office.

Ray Helton and Athena Russell were arrested back in October in connection to the theft, when authorities found them with some of the stolen goods.

But, the prime suspect was Allen Hand.

After multiple promises from Hand to surrender, the Logan County Sheriff's Department called the FBI and US Marshal's in for help.

Finally the FBI got a tip leading the Marshals straight to Hand Monday night.

“He was supposedly located in Shawnee. Turns out he'd just left Shawnee in route to come back here,” said Chief Deputy Stephens. “His claim is that he doesn't own the property and clearly we aren't charging him with ownership we are charging him with possession of stolen property.”

Luckily, for the true owners of the goods, many of the items were logged in a database run by the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

“A lot of it has been returned especially some of the large equipment and building supplies.”

Hand made his first court appearance Tuesday afternoon. His bond set at $105,000.