Wet Spring Weather Led To Booming Oklahoma Wasp Population

Thursday, October 8th 2015, 6:46 pm
By: News 9

Have you noticed all the wasps buzzing around lately? Experts say this year's rainy spring, then hot summer could be a reason for the spike in numbers.

You can see them on the News 9 Air Comfort Solutions Regency camera flying around downtown and a few resting for a bit while looking over Broadway Extension on the American Fidelity camera.

They were even be spotted by Jim Gardner inside Bob Mills Sky News 9 HD returning to the station. But closer to the ground, we found a few nesting in the trees.

“Just like us, pests love the warm weather. They love to get out. That's when they can reproduce. That's when they can forage the pollen,” said Will Rhodes, Parker Pest Control

Rhodes says Oklahoma's rainy spring provided ample food for wasps, creating a better environment for wasps to flourish. Colonies can average anywhere from 100 to 200 wasps, and this time of year their nests become even more crowded.

“This time of year is when the wasp nests have kind of [high] capacity. This is also when they release the new queens, the new males they're going out to recognize,” he said.

When the cool fall temperatures finally arrive and stick around, Rhodes says that's when we'll see the flying bugs finally hibernate for the season.

If you find wasps like these swarming around your home it's best to let the professionals remove their nest.

Our expert actually went on top of the building where our American Fidelity camera. He says the wasps were hiding out in a chimney and says it's the worst infestation he has ever seen.