Dr. Ben Carson Signs Copies Of New Book In Edmond

Wednesday, October 21st 2015, 5:53 pm
By: Grant Hermes

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson met with fans and potential voters in Edmond Wednesday, while at a book signing for his new his new book titled "A More Perfect Union."

The book is a line by line look at the constitution through his eyes and speaks volumes about what a Carson presidency would look like if the famous neurosurgeon were to win the election.

Carson is currently polling second in the GOP field with 21 percent according to the latest CBS News poll. He falls six points behind the frontrunner Donald Trump.

Carson is praised by supporters for his calm, quiet demeanor and staunch conservative beliefs.

“I like what he's about. I like his style. I like his gentleness,” Said Vickie Parker who along with some friends was one of the first to greet Dr. Carson.

The line for the signing stretched well around the Mardel Christian and Education book store. The event didn’t kick off until 11 but some supporters showed up nearly 10 hours early. Mike Phillips said he was at the door at 2:15 staking out his spot to meet the man he called his candidate.

“It's the common sense approach it's not 'I'm a republican' or 'I'm a democrat' and that's what we need to fix this country,” Phillips said.

Carson’s book, co-authored with his wife Candy is his twelfth book and not his first foray into politics. His most recent political book, “One Nation,” was a New York Times best seller. Wednesday, Mardel managers said they’d sold more than 1200 copies of his new work, exhausting their supply.

While taking a break from signing, Carson spared 3-minutes to answer questions from the press.

A theme of his book is the power of knowledge where he cites the importance of education, an issue on the minds of many Oklahomans as school districts deal with a massive teacher shortage and declining graduation rates.

“The best education is the closest to home. So we have to give people a choice,” Carson said to a crowd of reporters.

He also answered questions about balancing environmental protection and industry, specifically when it comes to the Environmental Protection Agency and an oil industry facing a severe drop in prices

“They should be working with business and industry and academia to find the cleanest, most environmentally friendly way to do it,” He said. When asked how he would do that, he said he would get rid of the people who don’t think the same way.

Carson has been under fire for controversial statements like wanting to abolish birthright citizenship and alleging the Holocaust may not have happened if European Jews had been armed, both of which are mentioned in his book. And last month, he was chastised for saying Islam wasn’t compatible with the Constitution.

He's also said Americans are losing their civil liberties, namely religious freedom.

“A lot of Americans who believe in the traditional definition of marriage between one man and one woman are being prosecuted,” he said. “…you don't have to go very far to see cases that are an example of that.”

Carson weighed in on his opponents in the race as well. He addressed a question about rumors of coordination with Donald Trump’s campaign saying there was no connection. When asked about Vice President Joe Biden’s decision not to run for the Oval Office he said Biden had to “follow his heart.”

Dr. Carson has suspended his campaign while he's on his cross- country book tour. A staffer said he has made two stops a day so far working his way through solidly Republican southern states. His next stop is in Tulsa on Thursday where a crowd of nearly 1000 is expected.