Caddo County Community Still Searching For Answers After Deadly House Fire

Monday, November 30th 2015, 5:43 pm
By: News 9

A woman makes a frantic 911 call as fire consumes a Caddo County home with two people still inside. Authorities are not saying much about what caused the fire, but the deaths have rocked the small community.

The flames could be seen for miles.

911 Caller:  "There's a huge house on fire."

Dispatch:  "Is there anybody outside?"

911 Caller:  "My husband just walked up there. There's a truck in the driveway. Oh, God. He's hollering. There's somebody in there."

Irma Tsotaddle and her son, Ed, lived in the home just east of Carnegie. All but a few people in the area were without power over the weekend including the Tsotaddles. They were well known, but quiet, and their family members wished to remain quiet, too, as well as the several people who stopped by the home in disbelief.

The gate was locked and tape now drapes across the property. The home burned for hours, and days later is still smoldering.  

Like many places in the area, their home is on tribal land, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs is not releasing much about what happened until their investigation is complete.