Video, Photos Appear To Show Bugs And Mold In Food Served On OU Campus

Thursday, December 3rd 2015, 5:55 pm
By: Grant Hermes

After an OU student’s post showed a cockroach found inside her cake served at an OU campus restaurant on Monday, hundreds of students have signed a subsequent petition to change the way OU serves food at its restaurants.

Just enjoying my chocolate cake when, it's alive,” the student can be heard saying in the video as she pans her phone across the plate to reveal a cockroach moving among pieces of cake.

The video was followed by several more photos from other students who claim they found mold inside a turkey club sandwich and a fly or mold inside a hamburger bun.

The incidents allegedly took place at the Couch and Crossroads restaurants on campus.

In the days since, a petition surfaced with an attached letter asking the university to revise the way its staff prepares food. In less than 72 hours it gained hundreds of supporters. As of Thursday afternoon, the count was over 350 students. One Sooner commented saying it isn't the first or the fourth time they've opened moldy food from the Excetera campus restaurant.

This isn't the first time campus restaurants have been flagged for health violations. At one restaurant numerous violations including pest control were cited most recently in October of this year. There were no violations cited during inspections in November.

After seeing the pictures, students said they were concerned and want something done.

“They shouldn't have eaten there. Yeah it's disgusting,” one student said. Two others gasped and said they were disgusted by the photos.

“I think they should just close it down… until they get it fixed,” another Sooner student said.

The images and petition were shared so much that now OU President David Boren is getting involved saying in a statement, "I've directed food services to thoroughly examine the situation to make sure the health and safety of our students is being protected."

The petition’s author posted online she would be meeting with officials at OU Food Services next week who told the OU Daily they  were aware of the situation on campus.