Edmond Cat Survives Being Locked Inside Storage Unit For 3 Weeks

Thursday, January 21st 2016, 7:35 pm
By: Grant Hermes

When Jenny Wagnon loaded her things into storage she thought it'd be an easy move.

“I had packed everything into the PODS on January 1. Shut the door, locked the doors and the PODS company picked it up the morning of the second,” Wagnon said.

She said she rented the unit to store her stuff until her new home was ready to be lived in and she wasn’t expecting that any time soon. So, she was surprised when she got a call from the storage company Thursday and was asked an interesting question.

"He said, 'Are you missing a cat?' and I happened to be driving my daughter to school this morning and I said I don't have a cat and my daughter immediately said 'That's Donut!'"

Donut, the neighborhood cat, had called their old next door neighbors’ house a home but decided the moving POD was cozier -- only to be locked inside for three weeks.

Jenny said it all happened fast. She drove to pick up Donut and brought her back to her real home near Edmond, and to the waiting arms of 10-year-old Lily Scogin.

“When she came back, I was like, wow.” Lily said, giggling as she put her hands to her cheeks.

“We thought maybe she found a new home or what,” Lily’s mother Laura Scogin said. “[Donut] just disappeared and didn't come back.”

So when Jenny called and told them the story, they were more than welcome to have Donut back to fill the hole she had left.

But the question for the Scogins was how did Donut last that long?

“The vet said that she probably licked the moisture off of the insides of the walls to stay hydrated and it kept her alive,” Laura Scogin said.

The veterinarian told the Scogins they needed to give Donut a tablespoon of water every half hour and were only allowed to feed her a quarter can of food to prevent her from being sick. They also said they were told to keep their newly returned pet in a carrying crate so she can “re-acclimate” to living outside the pod. They expect her to be back to normal in three to four days.