President Bill Clinton Holds 'Get Out The Vote' Event At UCO

Saturday, February 27th 2016, 9:16 am
By: News 9

President Bill Clinton held ‘Get Out The Vote’ at UCO Saturday morning in Edmond.

The event was meant to encourage supporters of his wife Hillary to vote in the March 1 primary.

President Clinton began by thanking the large crowd and immediately praised his wife for the choices she has made in regards to her plans for the presidency. He highlighted her plan for prison reform, and educating inmates to prepare them for job placement.

President Clinton also reflected on President Obama's last State of The Union speech and how he painted a picture for the future. 

“That beautiful picture the President painted of the future; still a whole lot of Americans can’t look at that picture and find themselves in it to save their lives. That’s the space in which this election is being fought out.”

“Hillary is running for President to put every single American in that picture without regard of their age, their region, their gender or their race, or religion.”

He pointed out the reasons why he and his wife are dissatisfied in the way opponents have been debating, even digging at Trump’s plan to build a wall.

“[Hillary] says no let’s not do that. Let’s build ladders of opportunity and empowerment, and tear down barriers”.

“She says I don’t think America ever stopped being great, let’s make America whole again and let everybody go along for the ride.”

In the former President’s closing remarks he said, the main reason voters should be for Hillary Clinton is because she’s the best change maker he’s ever known.

“Hillary is the only person who has proved she can get things done. Ever since she went to Washington everything important she did had Republican as well as Democratic support.”