Shawnee Apartment Residents Say Mold Is Making Them Sick

Wednesday, March 2nd 2016, 10:19 pm
By: News 9

Two tenants of a Shawnee apartment complex have turned to News 9 for help. 

They said mold in their unit has made them and their young sons sick. 

Taylor Keener and Jasmine Bowman said they and their children moved into Chapel Ridge Apartments last May. 

The women said mold in their bathroom, utility area and kitchen appeared in recent months. 

When News 9 went to investigate, mold was visible, and News 9 also saw the unit’s air conditioning filter, which was bent and filthy. 

Chapel Ridge managers News 9 confronted refused to answer questions and ordered the crew to leave the property.  

Keener said she’s infuriated with Chapel Ridge.

“I have a headache, I’ve been getting headaches and I never get headaches,” she said. 

Jasmine Bowman said her 4-year-old son Ely has been suffering from asthma attacks.

“They weren’t doing anything about it and what they said was clean was still disgusting,” she said.  

The women said they tried to complain to the City of Shawnee about Chapel Ridge, but were rebuffed. 

The state health department told News 9 Tuesday, the situation at Chapel Ridge is “out of their jurisdiction.”