Attorneys Ask Garvin Co. Judge For Change Of Venue In Upcoming Murder Trial

Thursday, March 17th 2016, 8:40 pm
By: News 9

A woman behind bars for the murder of her ex-boyfriend is requesting her trial be moved to another county.

Amber Andrews is accused of helping Justin Hammer kill, then dismember her ex-boyfriend’s body in 2012.

Justin Hammer is currently serving life without parole for the murder of Brandon Duran. Now, his girlfriend's attorneys believe the only way for her to get a fair trial is to move it from Garvin over to Cleveland County. 

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Andrews’ attorneys say there is "an overwhelming amount of prejudicial and inflammatory publicity" against her.

Publicity that started in August of 2012, when Andrews’ ex-boyfriend, Brandon Duran, was found dead, his body chopped into pieces and found in cement-filled buckets.

The OSBI found those concrete buckets at the bottom of a rural Garvin County pound.

Prosecutors say Andrews helped her boyfriend, Justin Hammer, carry out the murder.

But during Hammer's trial, he testified he acted alone when he shot and killed Duran and cut him into more than two dozen pieces.

Andrews’ attorneys attached several local paper articles to the change of venue motion saying the articles are only a "small sampling of the vicious, one-sided... publicity" against their client.

Her attorneys also worry local gossip and social media may have already influenced the jury pool.

Another motion was filed for Andrews, asking the judge to prevent prosecutors from using testimony and prosecutors' comments to jurors when discussing Andrews' bad character.

A hearing for this motion is set for May 9.

Andrews’ trial has now been pushed back to September.