Neighbor Scams Cancer Patient And Her Family In OKC

Tuesday, June 14th 2016, 5:43 pm

A little girl fighting a very aggressive form of cancer is staying with her family in Oklahoma City.

This week, 11-year old Dani Killman should be celebrating. Eight months of intensive chemo are over. But she can't smile. While she was fighting cancer, her family says they were being ripped off by a cold hearted con artist. "I’m still trying to get it through my head,” said Dani.

It all started when Dani was diagnosed with an aggressive and painful form of cancer in her leg that quickly spread to her lungs.  Dani's hometown of Stroud held fundraisers.  And a neighbor offered to help.  

"She dove right in.” Dani’s dad, Roy Killman said, “I was letting her help me with the functions. She was getting a hold of my family. Putting Dani's name out there. Making a Facebook for her. She was doing all the right things. Getting my family's confidence."

The Killman's gave the woman access to their bank accounts so she could pay their bills while they cared for Dani. She promised to get the family a ranch so Dani could help raise therapy horses for other children with cancer.

But it was all a lie. And by the time the family figured it out, their bank accounts were empty. Thirty to forty thousand dollars donated to Dani for her medical expenses, gone.

"We were in the hospital two months straight.” Dani’s mom, Valerie Killman explained, “She had complication after complication after complication.  We weren't able to come up for air until by Christmas. And by then in retrospect a lot of the damage had been done."

We are not naming the woman because she is being investigated by state authorities.  But the con job has left the Killman's homeless and penniless.  But even worse than that, the family says, is the disappointment in Dani's eyes.  

"The big things suck. But the little personal things are the things that really hurt the most, said Valerie Killman.

An account has been set up to help the Killmans at:

Stroud BancFirst

602 W Main St, Stroud, OK 74079

Phone:(918) 968-2521

There is also a GoFundMe page: