Judge Sets Execution Date For Albert Johnson

Wednesday, July 6th 2016, 3:30 pm
By: News 9

Flanked by a total of four deputies, convicted killer Albert Johnson made his way into the courtroom for his formal sentencing.

Just like during the trial, he refused to show any remorse.

“When people want to have a conversation about abolishing the death penalty,  they need to think about people like this man who are absolutely a danger to anyone they are around any other human being they are around,” Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater said.

Johnson and his attorneys refused to comment during his sentencing, but Oklahoma County District Judge Donald Deason told him to take a moment to “take a breath because it would be the last free breath you'll breathe."

He then proceeded to sentence him to a September 16, 2016 execution date.

“Because there's no other just verdict in a case like this to deal with an offender like this,” said Prater. “I mean a cold-blooded killer who hurts everyone he comes in contact with!”

Prater also confirmed deputies found a shank taped behind the sink inside Albert Johnson's jail cell, further proving just how dangerous this man is to the public, and why he should be put to death.

Inside the courtroom was the father and sister of Rachel Rogers, the young woman who Johnson is convicted of brutally raping and murdering, all because she answered a distressed friend's call for help. That friend was Albert Johnson's girlfriend at the time.

She was also assaulted, but lived, and testified against him at trial.

Though Johnson received an execution date, it could be years before he is actually put to death due to appeals and the state's moratorium on executions.

Johnson's attorney said his client is sorry for what he did, but no one heard that from Johnson himself.