Court Documents Reveal Details Into July 4 Murder-Suicide

Tuesday, July 12th 2016, 6:35 pm
By: News 9

A search warrant filed on Tuesday revealed the name of the man who called 911 on July 4 to report he had shot his roommate and was threatening to blow up their trailer in southwest Oklahoma City.

The search warrant revealed police found a pistol, 10 live rounds and three spent shell casings inside the home with the bodies of the two men.

The documents also identified the caller who made that 911 call as Robert Vernon York, the husband of the victim.

Court records show 71-year-old York and 75-year-old Francis Leon Shubert filed for a marriage license just three months ago.

But those who knew the two say they had lived together here at the Granada Village mobile home park for years.

“I know both of them were kind of sick but I never expected anything like this,” said Leslie Clay, who lives and works at the Granada Village Mobile Home Park.

Last week, he told News 9 the two men kept to themselves and never bothered a soul.

But that changed on July 4.

“I heard the shots,” said Clay.

Clay said he was working on the community pool when it happened, but thought it was just someone shooting off firecrackers for the Fourth of July.

When police arrived with their tactical team and their bearcat unit, he knew it was something much worse.

Court records filed Tuesday reveal York told the 911 dispatcher he shot and killed his roommate about midnight, but he called police nearly seven hours later to report it before turning the gun on himself.

For hours, the mobile home park was on lockdown as police tried to reestablish contact with York, but couldn't. Then, as police cautiously made their way into the home, they made the gruesome discovery.

Now, those who knew the couple are left wondering what went wrong.

Those who knew the couple said they were very private and did not have a lot of family who understood their relationship.