Family Hopes Arrest Of Love Co. Sheriff Leads To More Answers In Missing Teens Case

Wednesday, July 20th 2016, 3:10 pm

Family members of missing teen Molly Miller said they believe Tuesday's arrest of Love County Sheriff Joe Russell will finally bring them some answers.

Russell's arrest was not directly linked to Miller and her friend Colt Haynes who disappeared in 2013.

Miller and Haynes were last seen in a car speeding down rural a rural Love County road. The car was driven by Conn Nipp, Russell's cousin.

For three long years, family members of Miller and Haynes have been praying for justice. Now, they think they may be close to getting it.

“I believe with Joe’s arrest, that will be the beginning for us,” said Paula Fielder, Miller’s cousin.

Russell was arrested Tuesday after a grand jury recommended he be removed from office. The grand jury report doesn't mention Miller but Miller's cousin said the FBI recently told her such an arrest could be a breakthrough.

“With the arrest of Joe Russell, they believe we will get the answers we have been looking for about Molly and Colt’s disappearance,” she said.

Among the accusations from the grand jury: that the sheriff let Nipp, the prime suspect in Miller and Haynes disappearances meet with family members unattended where evidence was stored. 

A private investigator hired by the family said back in February his team along with OSBI agents investigated property where the car was found and uncovered evidence. 

“When you start getting indictments on a corrupt sheriff that I believe has blocked the investigation with Colt and Molly and has done anything they can to prevent us from investigating and we burst through those doors … it’s a good day,” said Philip Klein.

Fielder said the accusations against the Sheriff are further proof he had a hand in Miller's death one way or another.

“Had he not allowed the illegal activity to go on for all these years, Molly and Colt would be here today,” she said.