Family Controversy Over Cemetery Plot In Shawnee

Friday, August 5th 2016, 3:15 pm
By: News 9

You can hear it before you see it - the Baez family plot. It’s marked by the sound of beer cans swinging on a rail in the wind.

It's normally a spot where Christian Baez goes to find peace and reflect

He said he usually, “comes out here sit down on the bench let him know what’s going on with my life.”

Christian's dad Michael Baez, was supposed to be buried next to his widow Manuela Fay.

According to Michael's family, it was under the condition she didn't remarry. A verbal agreement chiseled in stone.

“If you still feel that connection with someone, I couldn’t sit here and tell you it’s not right,” said Christian.

According to family, not only did Manuela remarry, but cemetery staff said she also has possession of the deed to the plot.

Staff said the deed holder is entitled to burying whoever they wish in the assigned grave.

So now, a plot meant for Manuela holds her nephew Calvin Wells.

Dale Cemetery Caretaker, Harold Carter said, “It Is wrong, the headstone doesn’t tell the whole story of who is buried there.”

Christian said his father’s grave is now almost as damaged as his relationship with the woman he used to call his stepmom.

“My whole family is torn by this, it hurts me that she would be okay with this going on,” said Christian.

He said his father won't be able to rest in peace until Calvin is removed, and laid to rest in a grave of his own.