Millwood High School Opens Joe Carter Field

Monday, March 6th 2017, 6:36 pm
By: Karl Torp

At one time, it felt like a field of "pipe dreams" to Millwood Public Schools.

But today, the brand new high school baseball field became a reality.

Millwood High School hosted Douglass High School in its first home game in decades on Monday.

“We don’t have to practice on the softball field anymore,” said senior Daniel Ivory.

For the players, the lush grass, chalked lines and spacious dugout are a source of pride for players.

“Something to call ours,” said Ivory.

Coach Willie Batson III has seen that pride of ownership extend off the field.

"Baseball will help you get those grades together, just the camaraderie. They want to hang out with those guys, so they make sure those grades are up,” said Batson.

Monday, Millwood played in front of the schools most famous ballplayer and the field's namesake, Joe Carter.

“It’s definitely a plus, plus for a lot of these young kids and hopefully we can get a lot more of these African American to play baseball because the numbers have dwindled down,” said Carter, who was in town to throw out the first pitch.

Joe Carter Field was paid for through private donations.