Tulsa Man Returns Lost Wallet To OKC Veteran

Friday, March 10th 2017, 10:19 pm
By: News 9

A local Navy veteran who also works as a Valet at the Colcord Hotel in Downtown Oklahoma City lost his wallet a month ago. His name is Colton Dillingham, and he’s 25-years old.

Tulsa Computer Network Engineer Mike Rogers was in town last month on business, and had dinner at “Flint” in the Colcord Hotel. Dillingham parked Rogers’ car, and somehow, Dillingham’s wallet fell out of his pocket. It ended up lodged in Rogers’ car, between the drivers’ side door and the seat. 

Rogers says it sat there for more than three weeks, until he spotted it this past Tuesday. He reached out to Dillingham on Facebook.  And because Dillingham is a veteran like Rogers’ father, Rogers’ family, friends and other people on social media also raised a $1,000 for Dillingham in just three days.

Friday evening, when Dillingham reported for work at the Colcord, Mike Rogers, his wife Heather, and their three young children, surprised him with his wallet and $1,000 cash.

“Oh my God! Oh your family is beautiful!” Dilllingham grinned, when the family presented him with his wallet and the money. 

Dillingham has lost prized possessions before. During Hurricane Katrina in 2005, his family’s home in Saucier, Mississippi was destroyed. 

Later Friday night, Dillingham announced he is going to donate that $1,000 to a local charity, or “someone else in need”.

Rogers said he and his wife Heather are teaching their three young children to be good to others.

“We believe in leaving people better than we found them. And we want to impact in that same way,” said Rogers.