Search Continues For Gun Used In Deadly Logan County Shooting

Thursday, April 20th 2017, 12:29 pm
By: News 9

The search continues for the gun used to kill Logan County deputy David Wade this week. The OSBI is leading the search party, and they are using every available resource including metal detectors and federal bomb dogs.

Somewhere along about seven miles of road, federal, state and local agencies are hoping to track down a murder weapon. The semi-automatic pistol seen in the surveillance video of Nathan LeForce hijacking a car at Smitty's One Stop in Coyle was missing by the time he was captured on a rural property on Jaxton Road six hours later, and he is not telling investigators where he stashed it.

“The best information we have right now would be that this is the path he took,” said OSBI Special Agent In Charge Marty Wilson. “We knew that he had the gun with him when he left the convenience store, and we know he didn’t have it with him when he was apprehended.”

As ATV teams cruised along Highway 33, dozens more walked the county roads on foot, looking for anything out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, the metal detectors they were using picked up more beer cans than anything else.

Two dogs, though, may be the secret weapon. They are specially trained by ATF agents in Dallas to pick up the scent of anything carrying explosive residue, including bullets, shell casings and the gun itself.

Windy, rainy conditions are not helping. If the search party fails to find the murder weapon, prosecutors will have to build their case around Deputy Wade's body camera footage.

“It would be good to have that,” said Wilson, “but we have a plethora of other evidence, so we’re not as concerned as we normally would be, but we’d still like to have it.”

The OSBI is still determining when and if they will resume the search Friday. Wet weather may put a hold on their plans.