New 'All-Inclusive' Park For Children With Special Needs Opens In Mustang

Thursday, April 27th 2017, 7:14 pm
By: Karl Torp

An all-inclusive park is already creating lasting bonds before it officially opens.

The hope of Brittany’s Play Adventure in Mustang is to allow kids with special needs to play right alongside their classmates and friends. There are tandem swings, zip lines, and slides that don’t require climbing.

“It’s for all kids,” said Lynly Grider, who worked with the city of Mustang to help make the park a reality.

“The Mustang School District has about 1500 special needs students,” said Grider.

Grider recruited parents for construction on the farmland themed park. She posted about the community build event held this past weekend, and provided a little history about the park’s namesake.

Brittany is Grider’s 34-year-old sister-in-law who suffers from an extremely rare disorder, Pallister Killian Syndrome or PKS.

Less than 300 people worldwide have been diagnosed with PKS.

Once word got out around Mustang, Grider made an instant bond with Mustang mother Misty Wood.

Wood’s 3-year-old son Kellan was diagnosed with PKS two years ago.

“For the past two years after he was diagnosed, I looked everywhere for an Oklahoma family and I couldn’t find one,” said Wood.

On Thursday, Wood met with Brittany’s mother and they both exchanged stories and milestones about their children.

“I think it’s amazing that she walks, that gives me so much hope,” said Wood, whose son uses a wheelchair.

Wood feels relieved to be able to learn more about PKS from a parent whose adult daughter deals with the disorder.

She’s also especially thankful to soon have a park to take her son.

“It really is going to be life changing for us and for several families in Mustang,” said Wood.

“That’s why we built this playground, to meet those kids,’ said Grider.

The Brittany’s Play Adventure will officially open on June 3.