OKC Design Company Helps Small Business Replace Signs After Storm

Monday, May 1st 2017, 12:37 pm
By: News 9

People across the metro are still cleaning up the aftermath of this weekend's storm, mostly on their own.

Oklahoma City has not announced plans to dispose of the debris, but one local business is stepping in to help repair signs that were damaged.

Signs for shops and restaurants along a stretch of NW 23 Street near N Pennsylvania Avenue got glass blown out and some fell over altogether. Now, a group of designers is helping by providing their services free of charge.

The team at Beagle Design was among the thousands of Oklahomans who woke up to a mess on Saturday.

“I lost fencing and a window on my husband’s car,” said Elizabeth Maxwell, Beagle’s design director.

They were overwhelmed, though, when they saw what others were dealing with. 

“Just driving through the city and seeing everyone’s signage in the streets was crazy," Maxwell said.

Major chains like Braum's, Sonic and CVS lost their marquees, but they have the resources to replace them. Some smaller companies do not.

That is why Maxwell and her business partner Jordan Hayes decided to offer free design services for storm victims. All the companies have to do is pay the cost of materials for their new sign.

“I hope that it can help these small business owners who maybe can’t afford to pay a designer for their signage or people who just don’t know where to begin,” said Maxwell.

In addition to design services, Beagle can also help connect businesses with printing companies that meet their specific need.

Now, small companies have one less thing to add to their expenses, and the Beagle designers encourage others to think of creative ways to apply their own skills to help a neighbor in times of need.

“This is just something small that we can do. This is no skin off our nose to help people with this,” Maxwell said.

To connect with the Beagle designers, click here.