City Council To Vote On Plans To Update USA Softball Complex

Friday, June 9th 2017, 3:25 pm
By: Karl Torp

If you watched the Women's College World Series, there's no way you could miss the excitement that NCAA softball brings to Oklahoma City. Now, there's a new plan to build on that energy, but voters will have final decision.

“I get phone calls throughout the year to buy tickets for this event, and they don't know and they don't care who is playing, they just want to be in Oklahoma City,” said Director of Sports Business for the Covention Center and Visitors Bureau, Sue Hollenbeck.

This September, voters will get the chance to decide on a $27.5-million bond for renovations at the USA Softball Complex.

USA Softball Executive Director Craig Cress said the money will add 4,000 permanent seats for a capacity of around 13,000 people for the Women’s College World Series.

If the bond doesn’t pass, Cress believes the NCAA may pass on OKC too. “I would look for them to look for other suitors of this event,” he said.

Already, 40-percent of season tickets for next year’s Women’s College World Series have been sold.