Death Threats Becoming Too Frequent For Oklahoma Congressman

Thursday, June 15th 2017, 7:19 am
By: News 9

While Congressman Steve Scalise continues to recover from being shot Wednesday morning, at least one Oklahoma congressman is looking to tone down the current rhetoric in politics.

In an interview yesterday, Sen. James Lankford would not go into detail on just how often he receives death threats but did say threats to congressmen are a "pretty frequent conversation."

While Lankford kept the attention off himself, his team confirmed the senator often receives death threats, even in the last 12 hours. They even sent me some of the comments and images Lankford received just after the shooting. Some threats implied they wished Lankford had been on the field and practicing yesterday morning.

On the Senate floor yesterday, Lankford said of the that type of rhetoric, "We are a nation that solves things by conversation. We disagree and that's OK. We've said that for two centuries. We don't solve things this way and we cannot."

We have confirmed Sen. Lankford is not playing in tonight's charity baseball game, nor is any other Oklahoma congressman.