OKC Looks To Change Animal Welfare Laws

Monday, June 19th 2017, 6:47 pm
By: Karl Torp

Roughly three months after a woman was killed by two dogs while on a walk, Animal Welfare is looking to change some rules when it comes to menacing and dangerous dogs.

Cecille Short, 82, was walking her dog in April when police say two dogs got free from behind a fence and attacked her and her dog.   

“It could have been somebody’s child,” says Short’s daughter, Lisa Carlile, who supports the proposed changes.

Under the new proposal, all dogs taken in by animal welfare - even if they are found loose in the street - will be spayed or neutered and micro-chipped. The dogs will also have to be put on a city-wide registry.

The definition of menacing would also change to include if an animal is off its property and shows aggression.

A judge could rule the animal menacing if it is off-property and attempting to attack a person or domesticated animals or try to tear through its own enclosure.

“It requires the owner to keep their property in good repair prior to getting their animal back,” says OKC Animal Welfare Superintendent Jon Gary.

Dogs that have attacked before are deemed “dangerous.” The owners of dangerous dogs and menacing dogs would have to update their registry info once per year. and would be fined $1200 is there is a repeat offense.

“Yes I'm horrified and grieving, but it’s not going to push back the fact that we need to change this,” Carlile said. She plans to be at City Council on Tuesday when council members discuss the ordinance proposal.