Family Searches For Answers Almost One Year After Man Injured

Sunday, June 25th 2017, 6:34 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

Last August, something terrible happened to Stan Batton as he was working at the Wynnewood Refinery. Something that will forever change his life. Problem is he doesn't remember.

"The first thing I remember is waking up a week and a half later when they told me I was going to have to have surgery on my left leg," said Batton, struggling to find the words.

Batton, of Newalla, doesn't remember anything about the day he almost died. The 53-year-old trucker was picking up a load of fuel on Aug. 21 from the Wynnewood Refinery.  

He was found lying in a pool of his own blood a few feet from his truck. Someone at the refinery, he doesn't know who, put him in the back of a pickup and took him to the hospital.  

"He was just dropped off they're there,” Batton’s wife, Mechell Batton, said. “He was not transported by ambulance or anything. They put them in the back of a truck looking to drop him off there."

Batton suffered severe brain damage and several broken bones. Here's where it gets strange. The family asked for security video to see what happened.

"We were told at first that they had looked at the cameras it didn't see nothing,” Mechell Batton said. “And we were like OK well something happened but because of the angle of the cameras there was nothing you could see."

Then, the family and police were told the security cameras were not working that morning. Investigators think Stan Batton may have fallen off his truck, but his injuries say otherwise.  

"He had road rash on his shoulder. He had road rash on his hip. He had the big open contusion on his head, his ear was ripped off, he had another one on the back of his head," she said.

The family thinks Stan Batton was hit by a car or truck. Of course, they can't prove it without a witness stepping up. 

Meanwhile, Stan Batton will always struggle with speech and moving. He will never be able to play ball with his grandchildren or enjoy his retirement. His family just wants answers.

"I am angry,” Mechell Batton said. "I am angry by husband can't get to the things that he wants once did. Its not fair."

Garvin County Sheriff Larry Rhodes said the case has been closed and investigators think it was an accident, but he would be interested in talking with witnesses who may have seen something.  

Witnesses can give anonymous tips through Garvin County Crime Stoppers at 1 (855) 211-STOP (7867).