Two Bodies Found In Two Days In Same Area Of Oklahoma City

Tuesday, July 11th 2017, 6:42 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

Oklahoma City Police are investigating after two people were found murdered within a few hours and about 200 yards from each other.

Last night they were called to the intersection of Wilshire and Air Depot boulevards on a call that a car crashed and was on fire. Witnesses say the driver fled.  When police arrived, they found the body of a man in the passenger seat. 

“One of our officers was actually injured trying to rescue this person opened the door tried to climb inside cut the seatbelt off him at that point the officer got burnt and had to pull back" said Sgt. Gary Knight of the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Turns out that effort was for nothing. 

"The person inside the vehicle as it turns out was already deceased after the medical examiner had time to look at the body it was determined the person had injuries that were not consistent with life they were consistent with homicide. So that person was already dead at the time of the crash,” Knight said.

Then this morning, a passer-by found a woman's body, identified as 30-year-old Ashley Easton of Yukon, in a ditch just yards from where the car crashed.  Police spent the day combing through tall grass looking for evidence and trying to determine of the two cases are related.

"It's impossible at this time to link the two but obviously that's something investigators are going to be looking at because of the close proximity and time and distance to the two bodies," Knight said.

Neighbor Ruby Cooper lives in one of the few homes in this area. For the first time in a long time, she's locking her doors. She's scared. 

"I'll be watching closer, keeping an eye out because I know the neighbors cars up and down the road so I’ll be watchful," Cooper said.

Police are still trying to identify the male found in the car. As of now, they are considering these two cases unrelated but that could change once more information is gathered.