Family Concerned About Construction In Front Of Guthrie Home

Friday, July 28th 2017, 10:58 pm
By: News 9

More than 12,000 vehicles cross the State Highway 33 bridge over Cottonwood Creek in Guthrie, according to ODOT.

While construction crews work to widen the roadway, cars are now driving right outside Paul Bush's home.

A newly created lane swallowed a chunk of the property. Now his driveway is only long enough for one of the family's vehicles.

“You’re in constant fear of the kids just coming in and out of the car,” he explained. “It’s just always in your mind now – what if?”

Bush said he now has to park his vehicle across the street. And he said he has to hop a barrier and bolt across traffic to get to his front door. “It’s a relief when you do get home,” he said.

Closer to the bridge the speed limit is posted at 30 miles per hour. By Bush’s house it's 35 mph.

“Cars speed all day long. There’s got to be something that they can do,” he said.

He wants the speed limit to be lowered during construction. And he hopes drivers will just take it easy, now that they're cruising by so close to his family's home.

Guthrie Police had extra patrols in the area Thursday and Friday, and they plan to continue that.

The following information regarding the speed limit in the area was sent to News 9 by an ODOT representative Friday afternoon:

"ODOT does set the speed limits along highways and adjusts them during construction, following national standards. The speed limit on SH-33 was reduced from 35 to 30 mph and we have requested increased law enforcement presence at the work zone. We really do need drivers to observe these speed limits and slow down in construction zones."

The ODOT representative also said they are committed to working with homeowners and working to preserve safe access to their properties.