Powerful Rains Lead To Flash Flooding In Metro

Friday, August 25th 2017, 5:49 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

Soggy conditions led to flash flooding in the metro that left several motorists stranded on Friday.

Traffic backed up for miles as motorists waited for the water to recede on I-235 near 50th St. where the construction is underway. The road had to be closed down for a while stranding frustrated motorists. As the water went down motorists started creeping through it.

On Northwest 4th St. and Penn Ave., a couple of cars tried to make it through the water and got stuck. Drivers could only watch helplessly as the water continued to rise into their cars. Isreal Flores of Oklahoma City considered driving through it, then thought better of it. 

"Man I just tried to cross all the way over here. I went from here to the corner,” Flores said. “As soon as I see all this water I took the side street over there where the water can't go up."

On Southeast 47th and Creek Court, the Crutcho Creek became a raging river over-spilling it's banks and pouring into the neighborhood. We're told crews had to rescue a stranded motorist here.

That was also the case on Northwest Walnut, where a motorist tried to go through the 3 ft.deep water despite warning signs. Rescue crews got the driver to safety but they had to leave the car in the water for awhile. The water just was too deep for a tow truck to try to get it.

The good news is we didn’t have any reports of injuries.