Braum's Pulls Proposal To Tear Down Donnay Building

Friday, October 6th 2017, 7:16 pm
By: Karl Torp

Braum’s will not by demolishing the Donnay Building on NW 50th near Classen Blvd. The metro-based restaurant and dairy chain wanted to build another location at the site of the old building that houses bars and a business. The Hilo Club, the Drunken Fry, Charlie's Music, and the Classen Grill would all be torn down under the proposal.

Braum’s has since withdrawn its request to rezone the property which would have allowed for the sale of the property. Braum’s recently failed to get enough votes from planning commissioners to send the proposal to city council.

Red Oak LLC currently owns the building and did not return our phone calls about their plans moving forward.

Those who organized opposition against the Braum’s plan are still working to save the building. They are hoping to work with Red Oak to find a buyer willing to repair the Donnay Building instead of flattening the structure. They are also working to give the building a historical distinction so it can’t be torn down.

“Hilo was the first LGBTQ bar in Oklahoma City,” said Mark Faulk, who organized opposition to the Braum’s proposal. "That has historic significance as well."