OHP Answers Questions About Left Lane Law

Friday, October 20th 2017, 8:52 pm
By: News 9

Starting November 1st, drivers will have to follow changes to Oklahoma’s left lane laws.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Captain Paul Timmons said the intent is to improve public safety.

“In emergency situations, response time is critical and could mean the difference between life or death.” A clear left lane could make all the difference.

The left lane should only be used for passing. Drivers will not be allowed to loiter or drive in the left lane permanently.

“As soon as you are able, move from the left lane to the center or right lane,” said Timmons.

Even if a driver is going the speed limit, he or she must move over if someone comes up behind them on the left lane.

Timmons commented on rush hour.

“There is a higher volume of traffic out,” he said, "so there is no way that you can expect everybody to be in the center and right lanes, so there is going to be exceptions."

He wants people to use good judgement and common sense.

“If you have been in the left lane for a long period of time and you have the ability to switch to the right lane and do so safely, then you need to move to the right or center lane.”

A ticket could cost $236.50.