Moore Liquor Store Offers Pastor Bottle of Whiskey For Role In High-Speed Chase

Tuesday, November 14th 2017, 10:21 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

A metro pastor has been the target of praise and criticism after firing his gun at a stolen vehicle involved in a high-speed chase, but one business is toasting his bravery.

Moore Liquor Owner Bryan Kerr says if it weren’t for Pastor Craig Wright, the chase could have gone on for a lot longer.

“Saw the gun in his hand and I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, this is a citizen that is going to stop this guy from continuing down the road and hurting somebody,’” said Kerr.

The pursuit, spanning from Oklahoma City to the Norman border, lasted over two hours.

The driver of the stolen pickup, Brenton Hager, took backroads, the interstate, even off-road until he met Pastor Wright in a neighborhood off of SW 164th near Western. Wright says he tried to talk Hager out of the chase, when that didn’t work, he fired rounds off at the tire.

WATCH: Citizen Fires Gun At Police Chase Suspect’s Stolen Vehicle

Eventually, the stolen pickup did crash into a pond and Hager was tased.

However, law enforcement officers and local gun experts say they don’t believe Wright is covered under current laws when he fired his weapon to stop the stolen truck.

“Oklahoma has a great good Samaritan Law, that protects you as a good Samaritan. I am not sure it would have provided in this case. The stand your ground law, the make my day law, wouldn't have provided any protection in this case I think either,” said H & H Gun Ranger Manager Mike Rust.

The District Attorney of Cleveland County says he has not received anything from law enforcement that would indicate charges against Wright, but local agencies add they are trying to decided who would take on the case. While this happened in OKC, it was also in the jurisdiction of Cleveland County.

As a last thought, Kerr says he wants to shake the hand of a man who took matters into his own grasp, and that bottle of whiskey is there if the pastor wants it.

Hager, the driver of the stolen pickup, will be in court again on November 28 in Cleveland County.