Local Pastry Chef Receives Grant To Open Business In Capitol Hill

Tuesday, November 28th 2017, 7:41 pm
By: Karl Torp

It's OKC newest plan to pump money and new life into its streets and neighborhoods.

Two years ago, the city was awarded a federal grant to lending to future entrepreneurs.

The idea is to start filling vacant storefronts in the city’s 15 commercial districts with the $300,000 fund total.

Cool Green’s Manager Sara Miller is getting the first loan approved by OKC City Council.

“Pastries have already been my passion,” said Miller, who will open a French style bakery on Southwest 25th in Capitol Hill in the spring.

It will be called “Confection.”

"Most of our businesses are start-up business and so banks don't like to fund them without a lot of collateral. We are able to take that extra risk," said Amanda Alewine, who is overseeing the city’s Commercial District Revolving Loan Fund.

There are 15 commercial districts eligible for the loans. The amount lent is based on the number of employees each entrepreneur hires.

The goal is to turn places like Capitol Hill into the next Plaza District or Paseo District.

“It’s something we grew up with, that expectation of helping the community and being part of the community,” said Miller.