Police Say OKC Man Confessed To Dozens Of Burglaries

Wednesday, November 21st 2018, 10:53 pm
By: News 9

A  man busted for a string of burglaries and a chase across two cities in April is in trouble again. 

Police first caught up with Tanner Webb and his buddies when they tried to outrun police.

Prior to this chase the trio was allegedly caught breaking into cars in The Village and police were called. 

Dash cam video showed the dangerous pursuit as the chase stretched across the metro.

Multiple intersections later, with two blown tires  Webb and his friends attempted to run, but didn’t get far.

All three were arrested, putting an end to a rash of burglaries.

"These people were booked into facilities and we haven't had, i don't think, one report since then," said The Village Deputy Police Chief Russ Landon.

At the time, Landon said he was hopeful that the young teens, would turn things around.

"Unfortunately, they've bonded out. We hope they've learned their lesson and they won't be back, but we'll just have to wait and see," said Landon.

As it turns out police didn't have to wait long. According to recent court documents, just three months later, in July, 19 year-old Tanner Webb was in trouble again.

Following a string of car burglaries in a Walmart parking lot and nearby homes. A tip led Warr Acres Police to Webb. When confronted, police found him in possession of a stolen vehicle.

When questioned police say Webb admitted to taking part in more than 60 auto burglaries.