The Village Police: Son Possibly Lived With Father's Dead Body For Months

Tuesday, January 15th 2019, 9:56 pm

The Village police confirm they are investigating a suspicious death involving an 89-year-old man. 

Officers said on January 12, dispatchers received a phone call from the deceased man’s daughter-in-law. She stated after not hearing from Mr. William Little for months, her family made a trip to his house from out-of-state.

Police said the family found Little’s body laying partially on a bed inside his home.

Investigators said Little had likely been dead for a few months and was in an “advanced stage of decomposition.”

Police also confirm that Little’s son was still living at the home, despite the strong odor of the decaying body. Adding, he had lived there for several years to serve as his father’s primary caretaker.

The other family members reported the son who lived at the home always told them that their father was unavailable.

“Sons and daughters of the deceased, over the last couple of months, have tried repeatedly to talk to him over the phone. And they were told he was unavailable to come to the phone,” said Russ Landon, Deputy Chief of the Village Police Department.

“After a couple of months of hearing this, they decided to come from out-of-state to try and make contact in person,” continued Deputy Chief Landon.

When the body was discovered, police said, “Little was covered with bugs and appeared to no longer have eyes.”

Police have questioned the son who lived at the home.

Officers said first, the son reported it had been “a couple of weeks” since he checked on his dad. Later, he told officers that in fact, “it had been a couple of months at least.”

Investigators also said Little told them his reason for not checking on him was, “he could not see him in that way.”

Officers said they do not know what Mr. Little’s condition was while he was still alive. That’s part of their investigation.

“We are trying to determine what kind of condition he was in. When he last went to the doctor? What kind of medication he was on?” asked Deputy Chief Landon.

Police searched the home, bank statements and receipts.  They said the son admitted that the was forging his father’s signature on checks to cash for himself.

Still, no trauma was found to Mr. Little’s body. Also, no arrests have been made in the case. That is why the son’s name has not been reported.

Deputy Chief Landon said he believes that the son knew his father was dead. Though, many questions still linger in this case.

“Why in the world would you not contact family members, police, or someone and let them know?” he asked.

Police urge others to always ask for welfare checks if they are experiencing similar circumstances. 

The Village Police Department awaits the medical examiner’s report to identify a cause of death.

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