OU Students Respond After Video Shows Students In Blackface, Using Racial Slur

Friday, January 18th 2019, 11:02 pm
By: News 9

The University of Oklahoma is denouncing a racist video depicting a student in black face. The video went viral after the original Snapchat video was shared to Twitter. 

In the video, a student’s face and hands are smeared in black paint.

Audio: “Stop, that's too much! That's paint not a face mask!”

The student is later heard using a racial slur.

“I am a n*****.”

The girls’ actions and words left many students in shock.

“Oh no! Oh no! She really didn’t just say that?” said one student. “Why you gotta [sic] be like that?”

“Like, why do you think that’s okay?” said a student.

OU Senior Janae Reeves was checking her email when she stumbled across the video.

“I opened the video and my heart sank to my stomach. And my mouth was just open. I had no words for this,” said Reeves.

“She's very ignorant for posting that, but obviously it is common knowledge that a black face is racist,” said student Taylor Stephenson.

Met with harsh backlash and disbelief, OU's President James Gallogly responded saying in part, "The University of Oklahoma abhors such conduct and condemns the student's actions and behavior in the strongest terms possible."

He added that the students "offered to apologize in order to express their regret."

But Reeves says she can't help but question their sincerity. 

“You can say all of these things, that you're so sorry. The only reason you're saying that is because you got caught, because that video went viral,” said Reeves.

And even if that’s the case, she says the damage is already done.

“That’s like someone passing away and the person who is the cause of it apologizing. That can’t bring that person back with an apology. We want action,” said Reeves.  

OU Black Student Association responded with a list of demands. The group is calling for a zero tolerance policy of hate speech to be added to the student code of conduct, an increase in multi-cultural staff, and additional financial assistance in support of African-American programs.