Langston University Sweethearts Birth Two Sets Of Twins Within A Year

Monday, January 28th 2019, 6:18 pm
By: News 9

Giving birth to twins is not uncommon, and it does increase your chances of having multiples again. It is extremely rare, however, to have two sets of twins within the span of one year. 

That is what happened to a young Oklahoma City couple, who are defying the odds. Asia McCauley, 21, and Travis Daliet, Sr., 23, were college sweethearts with a very different life planned ahead of them. They now have two sets of twins, though, which they have found are their own kind of blessing.

The shrieks and laughs of four babies now fill the air in the McCauley-Daliet home, a whirlwind change from two years ago, when Asia and Travis were students at Langston University.

Asia says, “I just feel like if I wasn’t laying down I would have passed out, like I was amazed.” She was a sophomore when she learned she was pregnant with Trinity and Travis, Jr.

The pair was born at just 24 weeks in April 2017, though, and had to spend three months in the NICU.

“I took my finals like a month after they were born,” Asia says.

Asia says she always wanted to be a twin, while Travis secretly wanted to have twins of his own. He says, “My people always told me I was going to be a good father.”

It was not long though, before the family of four grew by two more. Tasia and Tytan were born premature just 11 months after their siblings in March 2018, understandably putting their parents' college plans on hold.

“We both have to lean on each other for support because they don’t go to daycare,” says Asia. “It would be too expensive for us, so whenever I’m working he’s here, and whenever he’s working I’m here.”

During her pregnancies Asia learned her body over-ovulates, causing her to produce more than one egg each month. She says there is a 90% chance of having another set of multiples if she ever gets pregnant again, so she and Travis have taken precautions. They say a family of six is big enough.

“It’s weird whenever we’re not together,” Asia says, “like when they’re gone it feels weird because we’re just used to it always being six of us.”

All four youngsters are healthy and happy now, and their young parents finally hope to get back on track with their family's help. Travis wants to open a restaurant inspired by his hometown of New Orleans, and Asia still plans to complete her last year of school to get her psychology degree.

She says, “I just want to go ahead and finish it because I just want to show them it can be accomplished no matter what.”

Asia’s goal is to help and advocate for children who do not have both parents in their lives. She and Travis advise other young parents to stick together and things will get better.

“Don’t think of it as a just like a curse or like I wasn’t ready, I was too young,” Asia says, “because in all honesty, who’s ever ready?”

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