Family Of Teen Killed In Edmond Officer-Involved Shooting Files Federal Civil Lawsuit

Wednesday, May 29th 2019, 10:40 pm
By: News 9

The family of a teen shot and killed by Edmond police officers have filed a federal civil lawsuit. 

The deadly confrontation happened last month, after police said Isaiah Lewis forced his way into a stranger's home, while naked.

While the investigation is not complete, an attorney representing Isaiah's family says the suit is not premature, claiming it was filed in order to find the truth.

“The policies, practices, and customs of the Edmond Police Department caused the death of Isaiah Lewis,” said Civil Rights Attorney Andrew Stroth.

While DA David Prater has yet to determine if the shooting was justified, Stroth says there's no question in his mind that Lewis should be alive today.

“The officers knew Isaiah was in crisis, the officers knew he was unarmed and was naked, he could not be grabbing for the weapon,” said Stroth.

“Every time I close my eyes and try to sleep, all I can think about is my child crying out for help, that's something that will haunt me to the day I die,” said mother Vicki Lewis.

“He knows I’m the type of father that’s going to stand behind him and I will do just that,” said father Troy Lewis.

 “There's no excuse for a young man, 17, having a mental drug induced behavior to have died,” said Garland Pruitt, NAACP.

While police believe Lewis was under the influence of drugs the night he scuffled with and injured two officers, Stroth says the confrontation should have been handled differently.

“Failed to dispatch officers that had crisis intervention training, failed to dispatch officers that were trained to deal with mental health situations,” said Stroth.

The suit claims after Lewis was tased and shot, officers dragged him onto the front porch "denying him emergency treatment and simply yelling at him to breath that he would be fine."

“The Mayor of the City of Edmond bears responsibility, the city manager bears responsibility, the police chief bears responsibility,” said Stroth.

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The City of Edmond can’t comment on pending litigation.