Oklahoma Amazon Driver Steps In To Help After Seeing Teen Struggle To Mow Lawn

Monday, September 2nd 2019, 5:58 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

A local delivery driver is getting a bit of attention after he stepped in to help a teen who was struggling to mow a front yard.

An Amazon delivery driver, identified as Desmond, stepped in to help the teen Sunday, September 1.

South Moore High School student September Moseley, 17, considers mowing the lawn therapeutic in a way.

“It is just satisfying seeing parts of the grass get mowed,” said Moseley.

Moseley said when she began to struggle around the mailbox, that’s when the driver stepped in.

“The guy in the Amazon truck just pulled up and rolled down his window, and was like, ‘Mam, can I help you?' and I paused for a second because I didn't know what to do,” said Moseley.

“He got out of his van and came over here and started mowing the lawn,” she said.

Five minutes, Moseley said, and the delivery driver had finished mowing the front yard.

The driver then went on his way.

“He was like, ‘Okay, I’ve got to get back to work,’ and then he got back into his van and left,” said Moseley. “I would say thank you and that I appreciate it, there is not many people like him around here.”

It may be just one small act of kindness, but its impact is far greater. Twenty-four hours later, this teen hopes others take notice.

“If you see someone struggling, take a minute or two out of your day to go help them because it is going to be worth it in the end,” said Moseley.