Parents Say Pathway To Greatness Has Not Been Great For All Schools

Monday, October 14th 2019, 7:12 pm
By: Erica Rankin

Parents at Nichols Hills Enterprise Elementary School said the pathway to greatness hasn’t been great.

P2G is a consolidation plan within the Oklahoma City School District to close under-utilized schools in order to save money.

Parents at Nichols Hills Enterprise said they are overcrowded now with all of the new kids from the consolidation.

“I don’t think what is happening at Nichols Hills is what the district intended,” said Courtney Powell, a mom to a third-grader at the school.

She said she has seen the Pathway to Greatness work at other schools, just not Nichols Hills Enterprise.

To make room for the influx from P2G the Pre-K classes at Nichols Hills Enterprise were all moved. But that didn’t help much, Powell said the class sizes went from about 20 kids to nearly 30. That has been a struggle, not only for students to learn but also for the teachers to teach.

“They are teachers, they are educators, they feel like they are failing because they can’t reach everyone,” said Powell.

Powell voiced they are looking at some options to help accommodate their needs, like portables, but said in order to do that the district needs to hear them out.

It has been a bumpy road so far, but some parents are trying to stay hopeful that adjustments will be coming soon.

“I think the district needs to look at what has worked and look at what hasn’t worked,” said Powell. “They need to ask; how can we tweak it so that it works for everyone?”