Hundreds Of Moore Elementary Students Surprised With Gifts

Friday, December 13th 2019, 11:43 pm
By: Amber Gerard

Hundreds of children had smiles on their faces Friday as they received a huge surprise at Houchin Elementary School in Moore. 

Thanks to members of the faculty and some pretty cool students at Brink Junior High, 250 preschool and kindergarten students received gifts.

“It’s kind of an honor because you get to put a smile on the kids’ faces,” said Ashlyn Woods, a student at Brink Junior High.

There was something uniquely special about Friday's gift giveaway. All of the students got presents from their very own Christmas wish lists.

“The teachers here put together a wish list and our patrons -- our KJHS members, our teachers -- everyone gets together and they purchase these kids’ wish lists,” said elementary school teacher Kimberly Ricketson.

For families that can’t give their children a big Christmas, this is especially sweet, and you could tell by the big smiles on their faces.

“Knowing some of my kids that I know don’t get presents every year,” said Britany Hodson, a kindergarten teacher at Houchin Elementary. “Getting to see their faces is wonderful.”