Couple Upset After Items Stolen From Storage Unit, Including OKC Murrah Bombing Keepsakes

Monday, December 23rd 2019, 5:16 pm
By: Erica Rankin

Melissa Canales and her husband are moving out of their storage unit at Zoom Mini Storage after thieves broke in and got away with thousands of dollars’ worth of items. 

“We were driving by and I noticed the unit creaked open,” said Melissa Canales.

When the couple went back to check it out, they found it was the neighboring unit that was open, but it was their stuff inside.

“We saw underneath since it was halfway open,” said Canales. “We saw a blue bucket in there with our names on it that we use for detailing.”

That is when they opened their unit and found dozens of things were missing and the place was trashed.

“It just makes me so angry,” said Canales. “We work hard, my husband and I.”

It has been frustrating for them to piece together who did it because there are no security cameras.

But, there is a hole near the top of their unit, so Canales believes the thieves came in through there to take the things into the other storage unit possibly rented by them.

Among the items gone was some of Canales keepsakes of her mom, who was killed in the OKC Murrah Federal Building bombing.

“Those are things that I carry in my heart,” said Canales. “The bombing is a part of my soul, so those are things I don’t want to let go of, but now I have to because they are gone.”

Canales is holding out hope some of their tools might be found since her husband has engraved something on every one of them.

“He has all of his stuff marked with a smiley face and the letters J.C.,” said Canales.

If you have any information on who did this or have seen any of those tools, you are asked to contact the Logan County Sheriff’s Department.