Residents On Edge After A String Of Burglaries In NW OKC Neighborhood

Thursday, January 16th 2020, 6:36 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

Neighbors in one northwest Oklahoma City neighborhood are on edge after a crime spree seems to be ramping up. 

This victim, who asked not to be identified, said she, her husband and children were sleeping just before 5 a.m. last week when a neighbor called to say two or three guys were trying to break into her home near Britton and County Line roads.

“So we got up and we started to go to the door, and we thought that wasn’t safe so we ran to start turning on lights to the house and grab the car keys to set the alarm off,” she said.

That spooked the burglars, and they took off. 

“We noticed that they tried to break in the door that leads into the garage, and lying there, we found a bunch of zip ties that were in the form of handcuffs. A bundle of them, and a black stocking cap,” the victim told News 9. “The cops were like those are definitely for handcuffs. They’re made so that they can zip them fast. So yeah, we’re pretty on edge around here.”

It appears the burglars were trying very hard to get inside to use those zip ties.

“We found our garage door opener on the hood of our car so they actually tried to use that. Luckily, our garage door is broken right now, the garage door opener, so it’s locked and disabled,” the victim said. “We have an attached sunroom. They did get in there, stole some of my son’s Cub Scout stuff, his day packs that were filled with stuff.”

Police records show investigators are looking into eight break-ins and auto burglaries in the neighborhood since the beginning of the year. Neighbors are taking action.

“We have alarms everywhere, every door, every window. We have flood lights all around the house now. So, yeah. We’re now doing cameras and all the neighbors are watching each other now,” she said. “We don’t feel safe and my son doesn’t feel safe. He’s scared to sleep in his own room. He looks out his window constantly. Every little noise panics him. So it’s rough."

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