Thunderstorms Could Turn Severe Across South-Central Oklahoma

Saturday, April 6th 2019, 10:12 am
By: News 9, Matt Mahler

Saturday began with showers and thunderstorms in Southwest Oklahoma which were the first a part of a larger complex of thunderstorms that made their way through the area between 2 and 4 am. But as the storm moved North it weakened turning into light scattered showers through West-Central and Northwest Oklahoma.

As the larger second complex of thunderstorms moves Northeast on Saturday it will eventually cross the Red River in Southwest Oklahoma. Expect to see showers and thunderstorms move into southern and central Oklahoma during the mid to late morning into the early afternoon. Expect some heavy rain, lightning, gusty winds, and possibly some small hail. Severe weather with this round will be possible but not likely.

Once this round moves out around the early afternoon, more thunderstorms may develop in its wake. The highest chance will be off to the east but there is still a moderate chance in Oklahoma City. If any of those storms develop Saturday afternoon, they would have a higher chance of becoming strong to severe and could produce up to golf ball size hail and wind gusts to 70 mph.