OKLAHOMA CITY - The Norman Police Department and Animal Welfare changed their practices to stop COVID-19 from Spreading.

The biggest change from The Norman Police Department is how it's responding to non-emergency incidents or events not happening in the moment.

Right now, it's asking people to call 405-321-1444 or record a report online

The department noted if you do call that number, you may have to wait awhile before getting a response.? That's because the dispatchers are seeing an increase in phone calls, specifically medical-related calls.? They're also asking more questions over the phone so first responders know the situation fully before arriving on scene.

The department also limited how many people can be inside of its lobby. It said the Records Division is still open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., but asked you to request a record online

Property Pickup from Property Custody at the Norman Police Department will continue by appointment only. If you want to pick-up property from the Norman Investigations Center call 405-307-7299.

Other suspended services at the department include fingerprinting services, community outreach and public education events, ride-a-longs, and department tours.

The Norman Animal Welfare started waiving all adoption fees Friday. However, residents will only be able to adopt an animal through an appointment by calling 405-292-9736. Click here to view the animals at the shelter. 

The shelter adds it's not taking in stray animals right now. Residents are still urged to report dangerous animals at 405-321-1444. A Norman Animal Welfare Officer will respond to the area.

The Animal Welfare urged residents not to take in strays unless they're willing to care for it until the owner is found.

Officials said animal fostering services and emergency intake will continue by appointment only at 405-292-9736.

Other suspended services at the shelter include animal quarantine services, owner-requested euthanasia services, and owner animal surrenders.

Animal Welfare Staff wanted to remind everyone that so far, there is no evidence that pets can spread or be a source for COVID-19.