Several Democratic presidential campaigns made last minute pushes Tuesday, encouraging voters to get to the polls by 7 p.m.

Actor Danny Glover visited Oklahoma City and Tulsa campaigning for Bernie Sanders.

“This is Danny Glover saying you’re not too old for this, I’m not too old for this,” the Lethal Weapon star said.

The Sanders campaign said they will make a couple thousand phone calls by the end of Tuesday.

They said they've knocked on more than 14,500 doors since Saturday. All trying to reach undecided voters like Marsha Lyons.

“As I am going in, I am still a little bit here, a little bit there,” she said.

Others like Rex Rogers are going in with their minds made up.

“Seriously, yeah. Bernie Sanders scares me,” Rogers said outside an Oklahoma City polling place. “Don't fall for this socialism thing or communism thing. It goes elsewhere in the world and it does not serve the people.”

Sanders won the 2016 democratic primary in Oklahoma. His campaign is optimistic about Tuesday’s results.

“We are going further than this,” Glover said. “Yes, it is the white house. Yes, it is to defeat Donald Trump. But yes more, we want to transform and will transform this country.”