Next Tuesday Oklahomans will not only be voting in the presidential primary, but some will also be considering the issue of liquor sales on Sunday.

On March 3, voters in seven counties will vote on if liquor stores can open on Sunday. 

Market Wine and Liquor is a small liquor store in Oklahoma County with a loyal customer base. That's why owner Ken Kilborn wonders if being open on Sunday will be worth it.

“Now people know I’m not open on Sundays, so they come in on Saturdays and basically buy double,” he said.

Voters in Oklahoma, Cleveland, Creek, Muskogee, and Tulsa counties will all be voting on if liquor stores will be allowed to be open. Kingfisher residents will also be deciding if liquor can be sold by the drink on Sundays.

Local county commissions had the option of putting the issue on the ballot as part of the recent alcohol modernization laws. The Oklahoma Retail Liquor Store Association said it's only right to now allow liquor stores to compete on Sundays.

“You can already buy wine and beer in every grocery and convenience store in the state on Sundays,” explained Bryan Kerr, President of the Oklahoma Retail Liquor Association. “Some people want to shop with their local liquor store so we can offer that plus we can offer spirits as well on Sundays.”

In addition, Kerr said Sunday sales may be able to help some of the stores who are struggling.

“Right now, Oklahoma is losing an average of three retail liquor stores every month and this might slow that bleeding a little bit.”                                              

Liquor store owners will have the option if they want to be open and back at Market Wine and Liquor Kilborn said he'll have to see what happens.

“When they start, I’ll be open on Sunday. If it’s profitable, I’ll be open on Sundays. If it’s not I’m not going to be open on Sundays,” he said.