A bill to overturn the state’s new permitless carry law died in a House of Representatives committee, leaving opponents one final option. 

Permitless carry passed overwhelmingly in the legislature and was the first bill signed into law by Governor Stitt, so it’s no surprise a legislative attempt to repeal it was shot down. 

The bill died by an eleven to one margin with no questions and no debate.

“No, we are not really surprised. Of course, we always had hope that the legislature will vote for common sense gun legislation,” said Cacky Poarch with Moms Demand Action.

So, opponents of permitless carry have one last round to fire off; an initiative petition to try to have voters overturn permitless carry. It would take more than 90,000 signatures in 90-days to have the measure put on the ballot.

“We do think permitless carry is a dangerous policy. Responsible gun ownership, permitting and training is an important part of that, and I think permitless carry does make our communities less safe,” said Poarch.

Don Spencer with the Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Association said, “The people of the state of Oklahoma, they’ve got their right to keep and bear arms peacefully, and to carry and there’s no appetite for this to be taken away.”

Representative Jason Lowe(D) Oklahoma City, a very vocal opponent of permitless carry, said this will be his last shot at overturning it.

“We’ve exhausted our legal battles as far as trying to get this law stopped. We’ve exhausted our opportunities as far as legislation. So, this is pretty much our last stand.”

Opponents of the initiative petition have until Monday to contest the wording of it.