The man charged with killing three Moore High School students two weeks ago had a court hearing Tuesday.

It's the first court date since Senior Kolby Crum passed away over the weekend.

Max Townsend is now facing harsher punishment following Crum's death. He was represented by a court appointed attorney Tuesday and did not appear before the judge.

Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn amended two of the 13 charges Tuesday upgrading two charges to first degree manslaughter and leaving the scene of a fatality accident.

Mashburn said Tuesday’s preliminary hearing conference is just the beginning of a long road to trial.

“It’s marathon not a sprint,” Mashburn said. “It will be a long process, there will be ups and downs. It’s a rollercoaster ride and we’ll be there to guide them through.”

The district attorney said it will likely be a year before the trial begins.

The 13 charges Townsend is facing add up to the possibility of three life sentences and an additional 98 years in prison.

A court filing shows prosecutors are prepared to call 35 Moore Police officers as witnesses during the trial.

Townsend is due back in court March 24.