The town of the Crescent has taken a rafter of turkeys under its wing.

The wild turkeys aren't shy at all. In fact, they've been spotted all over town.

The Facebook page the "Infamous Turkeys of Crescent Oklahoma" documents their daily locations with pictures.

We are told there are 16 total that were first spotted as babies at the end of the spring.

“They are fed well. A lot of people in town feed them,” said Crescent resident Anna Hayden.

Hayden said the turkeys roost in two trees in her yard every night, before looking for food all over town during the day.

“They were raised here. Nobody is scared of them and they aren’t scared of anybody,” said local barber Nelson Cue.

The turkeys have gotten more aggressive as they’ve gotten bigger.

News 9 cameras were rolling as they forced one man to walk across the street, blocking traffic.

Despite the sometimes feisty behavior, people in Crescent said the turkeys probably won’t end up in the crosshair during hunting season that starts in April.

“It’s pretty neat. It’s something to talk about,” added Cue.