With Valentine's Day upon us, many people are offering up their tips and tricks for a happy relationship.

News 9 talked with seniors at Wellington Parke retirement community to learn from people who have been through it all.

“Love is something that you cannot explain, it just hits you,” Dorothy Cornwell said.

Some things have changed since Dorothy and her late husband met while riding horses in the 1940’s.

However, other things have remained a constant.

“Before I ever married my husband, my momma told me not to ever go to bed mad,” Verna Stricklin said. “She said, regardless what the argument is about, you make up before you go to bed. We always made up.”

Verna's husband Al died of cancer 35 years ago when he was just 51.

“We were always going to go on trips when we retired. I went to all of the places we were going to go with bunches of lady friends,” she said. “I would have changed that. I would have much rather had him instead.”

She said if you are lucky enough to have the person you love by your side, cherish each moment.

“Candy and roses isn’t all there is to it. There’s going to be times maybe he can only afford a sunflower.”