New court documents detail the extensive abuse a five-month-old allegedly suffered at the hands of his own parents.

Court documents showed both mother and father were charged with child neglect and abuse.

In December, the couple took the baby to a local hospital with multiple skull fractures. Doctors observed the child had “a mushy skull.”

“This is someone who is truly vulnerable and cannot defend himself in any way shape form or fashion,” Oklahoma City Police MSgt. Gary Knight. 

Doctors sounded the alarm after finding baby Preston Klinglesmith Junior was suffering from bruising across his forehead, hemorrhaging in his eye, and a bloody nose.

“It didn’t take doctors long to figure out this child was suffering from extreme abuse,” said Knight.

According to court documents, the boy had been in the care of his parents when they noticed his head swelling. Documents show the child's father Preston Sr. insisted a relative take them to the hospital rather than calling 911. He feared "people would think they were slobs" because their apartment was dirty.

When questioned, Preston Sr. told investigators the child was injured in accidents.

“Apparently the male indicated he had dropped the child then picked up the child in a panic, ran into a wall, the child fell, and he hit his head again. Clearly that was not what happened,” said Knight.

According to the documents, the baby also suffered from a preexisting medical condition that required around the clock medication that his mother Victoria Walker often quote "forgot" to give him.

“The child was already suffering because of the medical condition, not being treated and to add insult to injury so to speak the child has to suffer this extreme abuse at the hands of these people,” said Knight.

Records also showed the child was severely underweight.